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Unexplained weight gain


You know that feeling when you go to put on your favorite jeans, and it feels like they’ve magically shrunk two sizes? Yup, it’s a frustrating moment—but don't be hard on yourself. Weight fluctuations happen, and for some that's the norm—especially during cold winters or emotionally challenging times. There are countless other reasons for weight gain, especially when chronic illness is in the picture. If you're taking any meds, they might be the culprit, as many medications have weight gain as a side effect. Excess weight can also be a sign of hypothyroidism, aka underactive thyroid. While an overactive thyroid will cause you to feel hyped up, an underactive thyroid will make you feel sluggish and tired, potentially resulting in some added weight. Depression, feelings of hopelessness, and not getting enough sleep are also associated with weight gain. While a few extra pounds definitely isn’t a big deal, don’t ignore this symptom if you're gaining weight for no reason. Make an appointment to see your practitioner, and make sure they are committed to addressing the underlying problem. It can be stressful to talk about weight (and stress can trigger unhealthy eating habits), but it should be treated like any other symptom—without judgment! If your medication is to blame, your practitioner can help you look for alternatives. Get plenty of sleep and look for ways to manage stress and mood that help prevent emotional eating. And if there’s an underlying condition that’s behind the weight, they’ll help you figure out what exactly is going on that’s throwing your body and metabolism out of whack. Sigh of relief!

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