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It might be a little disconcerting to think about fungi and mold in and on your body…but it’s not all bad. Sometimes fungi are our friends! Other times, they can cause problems. Antifungals are the medications and natural agents used to treat unfriendly, invasive fungal infections. These include routine nuisances like yeast infections (ugh, right?) and athlete’s foot. A fungal infection can also be more dangerous and systemic, like with chronic mold exposure, which can lead to changes in the immune system and an inflammatory response. Some antifungals are broad-spectrum, while others target specific classes of fungi and mold, like Candida albicans and tinea. They come in lots of different forms (such as topicals, oral solutions, vaginal suppositories, and more) so that you can selectively target the infected area. For severe, persistent fungal infections, there are powerful IV treatments. Yes, lots of options! Here’s the quick rundown on antifungals. Some are available over the counter, but prescription options like fluconazole (Diflucan) are more potent, and may work quicker. Antifungal agents can occasionally produce mild, transient side effects like rash, itching, burning, and upset stomach. (And yeah, we know—kind of unfair to add more itching and burning on top of your itching and burning….) Allergic reactions and drug interactions can happen, so talk to your practitioner if you seem to be getting worse, not better. There are also natural compounds that can be used to help heal fungal infections, and there are tons of essential oils and spices with potent antimicrobial properties. Apple cider vinegar may have antifungal properties that are useful against skin infections, like athlete’s foot. Topical tea tree oil and garlic paste are also helpful against fungal infections, as are probiotics containing lactobacillus. There’s also the candida diet, a low-carb, low-sugar diet that helps prevent an overgrowth of candida in your digestive system.

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Kucers' The Use of Antibiotics: A Clinical Review of Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiparasitic, and Antiviral Drugs, Seventh Edition - Three Volume Set

Kucers’ The Use of Antibiotics is the definitive, internationally-authored reference, providing everything that the infectious diseases specialist and prescriber needs to know about antimicrobials in this vast and rapidly developing field. The much-expanded Seventh Edition comprises 4800 pages in 3 volumes in order to cover all new and existing therapies, and emerging drugs not yet fully licensed. Concentrating on the treatment of infectious diseases, the content is divided into four sections - antibiotics, anti-fungal drugs, anti-parasitic drugs, and anti-viral drugs - and is highly structured for ease of reference. Each chapter is organized in a consistent format, covering susceptibility, formulations and dosing (adult and pediatric), pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, toxicity, and drug distribution, with detailed discussion regarding clinical uses - a feature unique to this title. Compiled by an expanded team of internationally renowned and respected editors, with expert contributors representing Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, the US, and Canada, the Seventh Edition adopts a truly global approach. It remains invaluable for anyone using antimicrobial agents in their clinical practice and provides, in a systematic and concise manner, all the information required when prescribing an antimicrobial to treat infection. 10 B/W Illustrations

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Revive Yourself Podcast With Ryan Martin: Daniel & Lindsay Crouch From Guiltless Superfoods On Why They Started The Guiltless Brand, Their 7 Seed Flour, Antifungal Foods & Much More

On today’s show I have Daniel and Lindsay Crouch from Guiltless Superfoods. I first came across Daniel & Lindsay whilst researching Doug Kaufmann’s antifungal diet. Some of the recipes Doug recommended contained Guiltless Superfoods tortillas, and seeing as tortillas are conventionally made with wheat and yeast, (both of which are not allowed on an antifungal diet) I took a closer look at the ingredients. What I found when researching into the ingredients was Daniel & Lindsay had replaced the wheat & yeast with their very own 7 seed flour blend. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to take a deeper look into their brand and some of the other foods they were making. What I found was exciting to say the least. There were doughnuts, cookies and muffins all made with this 7 seed flour and with none of the health destroying ingredients we are used to seeing in these delicious foods. One look at the reviews also told you just how tasty these foods were. I knew right then and there I had to get these guys on the show and get behind what they are doing. On the show we discussed: Daniel’s health journey and what made him and Lindsay start Guiltless Foods Lindsay’s background as a chef and her challenges making the 7 seed blend What is in the 7 seed blend and what makes the flour so powerful The powers of an antifungal diet How the Guiltless Foods have improved their own health Whether their kids enjoyed the foods The quality of their ingredients and the challenges they faced bringing the products to market What new products they have on the horizon & much more This really was a fun interview and the energy both Daniel & Lindsay brought to the episode was contagious and a testament to their personal health. What they are doing is game changing, and I definitely want to make their products available to people in the UK in the future.

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