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Asyra testing


Asyra is a brand of equipment used for bioenergetic testing (BET), also known as electrodermal testing (EDT). Bioenergetic testing aims to detect imbalances in the body’s energy system and provide guidance for treating those imbalances. It’s kind of like Asyra reads your body’s diary cover to cover, and now it’s got thoughts…lots of thoughts. Building on acupuncture’s concept of energy meridians, bioenergetic testing sends signals to these pathways and then reads the responses on the skin’s surface. During an Asyra testing session, you hold a cylindrical grip in each hand, and electrodes inside pass an electric current through you. Then, the system’s software gets to work on deciphering the feedback. During testing, Asyra generates hundreds of energy frequencies representing things like foods, pathogens, and allergens, and then analyzes your organ and body-system responses—all within minutes. Energetic imbalances as well as potential remedies (which are also tested) are highlighted on the computer screen. The software’s database is huge; it includes nearly 40,000 entries covering multiple health disciplines and systems (such as endocrine, gastrointestinal, and neurological) as well as infections, allergens, dental problems, food sensitivities, and emotional stressors, among other potential issues. There are libraries of supplements, remedies, and tons of other treatments, too. The apparatus also includes a “test plate,” used to measure the value of anything you may already be taking. Your test results list your specific imbalances, as well as recommended remedies and their dosages and duration. It even tells you when you should return for retesting. Whew, talk about a ton of information!

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