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If you’re in need of physical therapy or a massage, but simply don’t have the time or energy (hey, we’ve been there), you’ll be happy to hear that there’s another, briefer kind of therapy you can get while lying down. And yes, you can even be napping! Win-win, right? Instead of massaging your muscles, this therapy uses magnetic waves to improve your circulation. The therapeutic device that makes this therapy possible is called the BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) mat, and it generates different pulsed electromagnetic frequencies that are said to be beneficial to your body. Inside the mat, coils emit electric currents, boosting circulation and potentially improving your body’s cardiovascular system, regenerative abilities, and metabolism. Of course, as with most devices, there's no guarantee it will work for everyone, or for every ailment.

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Medical Biomagnetism and BEMER Technology: Perfect and Powerful Natural Medicine Self-Care Solutions

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you do all the right things like follow your doctor's advice, exercise, eat nutritious, take supplements and seek alternative medicines, yet still feel pain, suffering, low energy and frustration? Do you continue to spend a small fortune looking for health solutions and still find yourself living with the same amount of pain and stress, and feel stuck and hopeless? In Medical Biomagnetism and BEMER Technology, school-psychologist by day and natural medicine healer by night, Victoria Vivaldi talks about the importance of pH balance and blood circulation, and how we can get back in the driver’s seat using self-awareness, science, and technology. She knows exactly what it's like to spend years acquiring medical knowledge, thousands in tuitions, then suffering chronically and not being able to help herself. She knows how frustrating it is to spend time, energy and thousands of dollars chasing cures, and why it's so important to keep an open mind. With only one Medical Biomagnetic Pair therapy session, Vivaldi was cured of chronic back pain that was there for years – this is why she studied the science and passionately talks about it. In this book she shares how she went from feeling great using Biomagnetism alone to SUPER great the moment she began to use the BEMER circulation boosting technology. She also shares how members of a private medical association she belongs to are also having enhanced wellbeing results using this new technology. Through simple to understand explanation, Vivaldi shows the way to personal wellbeing maintenance for anybody who is looking to live the best quality of life. If you seek natural prevention, to improve conditions and/or cures, in these pages you’ll discover: • Why we need alternatives to medication and supplements • How the BEMER circulation technology can boost ALL body functions • Why the BEMER technology is used in thousands of European hospitals and by NASA • How the BEMER combined with Medical Biomagnetism is accelerating healing responses • How to use a specific BEMER protocol • How to use the BEMER light (photobiology) for healthier skin and rejuvenation When you care for yourself the right way, your life can be one continuous celebration. With the right knowledge and strategies found herein, you and your family can live a long happy life of optimal wellbeing.

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