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Byron White formulas


If you’re reading up and getting smart on Lyme, chances are you've heard of Byron White and his line of herbal products. Byron White was a hypnotherapist and a natural health practitioner whose extracts and tinctures have become very popular among Lymies. Not only did he formulate the products, but he set up a manufacturing company to ensure that his products are high quality. What does that mean? White uses only organic, wild-crafted herbs and organic grape alcohol and claims that the gluten-free, hypoallergenic formulas are more potent than other available herbal products. The formulas are designed to offer 3 types of support: immune, detox, and restorative. Immune support formulas help engage the immune system to recognize and clear pathogens from cells. The detox support focuses on detoxification as an important element for maintaining health, and the restorative category offers support for the body’s energetics and physical needs. There are formulas that address coinfections such as babesiosis and bartonella, as well as Lyme itself and fungal infections, with names like A-BAB or A-BART (your practitioner can explain in more detail how each ones works). The formulas contain herbal mixtures that might include cat’s claw, neem, and yarrow, or Indian sarsaparilla, garlic, and licorice, among others.

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