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Castor oil pack


Castor oil pack therapy calls for applying a poultice of castor oil to the body to help with all sorts of health problems, including epilepsy, gallstones, scleroderma, constipation, and other intestinal conditions. Castor oil (a vegetable oil from castor beans) is well-known as a natural remedy. It’s also an ingredient in many pharmaceuticals and skin care products. Castor oil packs are a particular home remedy popularized by the healer and clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. He’s long gone, but his teachings remain popular in the alternative medicine community. It’s super easy and inexpensive to make a castor oil pack at home. Just saturate a natural fiber cloth with the oil and place it on your body over your lower abdomen. Cover that with kitchen plastic wrap, then put a heating pad or hot water bottle on top. Then—here’s the best part—go lie down for a while! (For those who like a step-by-step approach, Cayce’s exact original instructions are in the first link below in PDF format.) How often you apply the castor oil pack, and for how long, will vary depending on your health goals. A few cautions about castor oil packs: Don’t make the pack too hot, and never put it in the microwave. While lying down, try to think healing thoughts or meditate. This is not your chance to catch up on political podcasts! Also, a side note: The castor oil plant contains a toxin called ricin. Purified ricin derived from the castor bean is toxic in small doses, so if you are planning to drink castor oil rather than apply it to your skin, check with your practitioner first to make sure the product you are using is safe.

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The Energy Blueprint Podcast: 11 Keys To Find Out What Your Poop Is Telling You - How To Restore Gut Health (And The Power Of The Castor Oil Pack) w/ Dr. Marisol

According to science, the gut is linked with numerous conditions (including brain health, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and immune system) and while this is still in its infancy, more and more research is published to support it. But how do you actually know if you have gut issues? One simple way to figure out if your gut works optimally is by looking at your stool. Apparently, your poop gives you the status of your current gut health. So, what is your poop telling you? And if your gut isn’t perfectly balanced, how do you recover gut health? In this podcast, I speak with Dr. Marisol Teijero. Dr. Marisol is crowned the Queen of Thrones. She directs and practices at Sanas Health Practice in Canada, and is currently putting the final touches on her new book ”Oh, Shit!” which is launched in April 2019. Dr. Marisol’s passion for poop has helped thousands of patients go from ”shit show” to ”owning their throne”. In this episode, Dr. Maisol will share the 11 ways of understanding what your poop is telling you, what healthy stool looks like, and how you can begin to restore gut health from home. In this podcast, Dr. Marisol cover: Dr. Marisol's 11 "golden nuggets" of stool health, the characteristics everyone should look for that can tell you everything from vitamin deficiencies to hormone issues to immune status What the perfect bowel movement - ”the royal flush" - looks like Why Dr. Marisol is called ”The Queen Of Thrones” How age affects the digestive system (and how to change it) The ideal volume for a bowel movement What is a "hyper wiper" and what does it mean? The key signs of an unhealthy gut The ideal bowel transit time (and the safest way to test it) What smell says about the health of the gut and possible mineral deficiencies What is a healthy stool color and what do other colors mean? Why Dr. Marisol has dubbed castor oil as one of the most legendary treatments in existence (and how to use a castor oil pack to recover gut health)

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