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Chinese herbal medicine offers a world of holistic options—so many, that if you’re new to herbal treatments, you’re probably overwhelmed by where to start! As a very brief overview: herbs are a pillar of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and are used to treat and prevent illnesses and health problems. According to TCM philosophy, sickness occurs when the complementary forces of yin and yang are out of balance, and herbs are one of the most powerful tools to restore and maintain balance in both body and mind.

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Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine: + 175 Recipes for Optimal Health

East meets West in the kitchen with the nourishing treasures of Chinese Medicine. Food can be the most powerful medicine. This outstanding book introduces and teaches how to apply the ancient wisdom and traditions of the healing that comes through food according to Chinese medicine. This is a new way of thinking about what foods are needed to achieve balance and ultimately improve health. Goldsmith provides a keen and comprehensive understanding behind the basic principles of Chinese medicine so they can be easily applied to day-to-day lives. She takes these same concepts, expands on them for the food to eat in order to maximize the benefits of Chinese dietary therapy. Eating well is essential to good health and Chinese medicine believes that food truly is medicine. In an easy-to-understand and straightforward manner, Ellen explains how and which combination of foods and flavors act upon the body to move qi (energy) and how they act on the body to warm or cool. Many of the modern day chronic health problems caused by lifestyle, genetics and stress can be helped by distinctive and long lasting changes in the way we eat. 175 enticing recipes organized by season put the theory of Chinese medicine into practice. There are meals that are appropriate for each season from breakfast to dinner, including beverages and desserts. All the recipes are super straightforward, easy to assemble and easily adapted to meet your needs, desires and tastes.


Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine

Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease and it is now epidemical in the Northeast, Middle West, and Northwest regions of the United States. The number of reported cases has doubled in last decade and the infection scale has become larger than HIV. Aside from hepatitis C, Lyme Disease may be the second largest infectious disease in this country. Worldwide, it is also rapidly spreading in Canada, Europe, and Asia. There is great controversy concerning the diagnosis, treatments, and prognosis of Lyme disease, especially regarding the chronic and persistent form. This controversy has often left chronically infected patients without adequate medical care. Due to the special features of the Lyme spirochete and its multiple co-infections, conventional Western antibiotics treatments have not proven to be very effective. Stand-alone antibiotics treatment has become less effective overtime due to increased resistance and adaptation of germs. The Western medical approach to this infectious disease is to focus only on killing the pathogen. It does not address the complexities of the Lyme pathogenesis and various associated complications in chronic infections. Modern Chinese medicine is an integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. We use this integrative system for the treatment of chronic Lyme disease. With over a decade of practical clinical experience, we have found that modern Chinese herbal treatment with supplemental acupuncture applied to Lyme disease (especially its auto-immunity and immune complex related complications) yields a much better clinical outcome than the conventional stand-alone antibiotics approach. What is modern Chinese herbology and how does its phytopharmacology match with the pathophysiology of Lyme disease? What are the shortcomings of conventional Western approach in treating chronic Lyme disease? How does MCM treat Lyme disease with herbal remedies and what are the phytopharmacology of these herbal remedies? This book is a comprehensive discussion about traditional and Modern Chinese Medicine and aims to answer these questions in detail.


The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs and Medicinal Recipes

A modern reference guide on the benefits of incorporating traditional Chinese medicine into modern-day therapies! The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs and Medicinal Recipes is an easy-to-follow introduction to the history of traditional Chinese phytomedicine. This useful guide clearly explains the basics of this unique medical system and describes in detail the therapeutic properties and use of medicinal herbs and herbal recipes. The book includes a bibliography, glossary, contact information for herbal dealers and Oriental medicine schools, and an indexed list of 300 commonly used Chinese medicinal herbs and 245 herbal recipes. In The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs and Medicinal Recipes, you will find the fundamentals, evolution, and development of the herbal formulas of the 4,000-year-old Oriental Materia Medica, also known as ben cao. The book contains 11 sections documenting the therapeutic applications, dosages, precautions, and modern research findings of 138 of the most popular medicinal herbs. In addition, this resource provides 101 of the most frequently prescribed master recipes by famous ancient physicians, including their origin, ingredients, actions, indications, and modern clinical uses. The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs and Medicinal Recipes offers an in-depth education on: tonic herbs herbs that adjust the yin and yang of the body herbs that invigorate circulation of vital energy, qi, and blood herbal tranquilizers herbal diaphoretics herbal expectorants, antitussives, and antiasthmatics herbal pain killers herbs which regulate digestion and elimination herbal diuretics herbal antipyretics, antimicrobials, and detoxicants antitumor herbs The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs and Medicinal Recipes provides up-to-date information on the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as how to use Chinese medicinal herbs in conjunction with Western conventions. This comprehensive reference will benefit healthcare practitioners who want to include Oriental medicine in their practice, and anyone who is interested in Chinese herbs or patients for whom conventional medicine has offered no relief.

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Learn True Health: Your Mitochondria Are The Key to Health, Fertility, Energy and Longevity, Using Herbs, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine to reverse or prevent Infertility, Cancer, Diabetes, Fatigue, Dr. Warren Cargal

Did you know that mitochondria hold the key to optimal health? A lot of people do not know what mitochondria are and how it affects our health. So to further explain what mitochondria are, I’m thrilled to have Dr. Warren Cargal in this episode. How It Began Back in high school, Dr. Warren Cargal was a track star. During a regional meet, he fell and ruptured one of his discs in his lower back. It led to the six months when he was in pain. But because Dr. Warren Cargal’s mother was a nurse, she diligently scheduled his doctor appointments. They went to one surgeon in particular who recommended surgery and told Dr. Warren Cargal he might lose control of his large intestine. Questioning Everything Dr. Warren Cargal’s mother wanted another option without surgery for him. Hence, she set a chiropractic appointment. During the first chiropractic session, Dr. Warren Cargal was able to stand up. After another eight sessions, he was pain-free. “It questions our health and takes care of it. We are responsible for our health. Which means we have a responsibility to question things actively,” said Dr. Warren Cargal. Acupuncture And Energy Dr. Warren Cargal narrates that there was an old Chinese guy down the street from him. Doing acupuncture made Dr. Warren Cargal headaches go away for about six months. That’s why he got curious about acupuncture and decided to go into training. “The energy has always been referred to as chi. And it’s the movement of chi and blood which gives us vitality. A lot of acupuncture treatments are done to either move chi or correct if there is a deficiency in chi,” said Dr. Warren Cargal. What’s excellent about acupuncture is that the practitioner and patient really talk and spend time together. Through that, there’s some understanding that emerges about a treatment protocol. Defining Mitochondria Mitochondria are organelles. Organelles mean small bodies reside in each of your cells. They produce the energy for the cells. That energy is called ATP or adenosine triphosphate. The ATP is used by all the mechanisms in the cells to drive the functioning. “The fundamental step where the energy is produced is by the mitochondria. And energy drives all the cellular processors,” Dr. Warren Cargal explains. “Every thought that you have and every image you see through your eyes, all those nerve impulses are all powered and driven by the ATP.” According to Dr. Warren Cargal, the other limiting issue for these organisms is the fact that they can only grow so big because they didn’t have internal structures. One time, something remarkable happened. And that something was one organism absorbed another organism for food. That allowed specialization to occur and that allowed us to be where we are today. Because we are highly specialized individuals. Dr. Warren Cargal further reveals that our whole gut system is composed of microbiomes which are bacteria. Unique Feature Mitochondria have their DNA. Dr. Warren Cargal says repeated rounds of antibiotics have profound effects on what’s happening in our gut. It can change or destroy the make-up of the gut which has significant effects like anxiety, depression, sleepiness, and immune response. “A whole microbiome also exists within our soil. And the roundup that is usually sprayed on our crops kills off some of the microbiomes in the soil,” said Dr. Warren Cargal. “When that changed microbiome is taken up by the vegetables, it affects some of the enzymes that you can produce. When we inject it, that affect us.” Dr. Warren Cargal’s Book Dr. Warren Cargal’s book is called Your Mitochondria Key to Health & Longevity. Through the book, he thoroughly explains everything you need to know about mitochondria; it’s components and how it is essential to our health and energy. He also says a skin cell might have a hundred mitochondria in it. And the heart muscle cell might have 5,000 to 8,000 mitochondria in it all producing energy 24 hours a day. A female egg has around a hundred thousand mitochondria in it. That single cell turns into a multi-million cell organism. And it needs tremendous amounts of energy to accomplish that. That energy is achieved through the mitochondria. “Most of the vitality for the offspring is inherited from the mother. All of the mitochondria are transmitted from the woman to the offspring. It’s only through the female that this energy is transmitted. Nothing is inherited from the male,” said Dr. Warren Cargal. Revving Up The Energy There are some doable steps to help us have healthy mitochondria. According to Dr. Warren Cargal, the mitochondria need oxygen. One way to have ample energy is finding ways to exercise regularly and be aware of your breathing. Dr. Warren Cargal also recommends restricting calories and also eat healthy especially healthy fats. As for meat consumption, if you can’t reduce it, at least opt for grass-fed meat. Also, increase vegetable consumption and be cautious if you plan to do intermittent fasting. “Most people’s concept of energy and production is about eating food and food going down the digestive tract, broken down in nutrients. Thinking it gives their body all the nutrients it needs. But you miss about four steps in there,” said Dr. Warren Cargal. Cancer Dr. Warren Cargal believes that cancer is complicated. There are many factors involved because cancer requires energy. And that energy is fueled from ATP. If there is excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugars, that’s how cancer will start obtaining that energy. “People can shift that balance through a more natural way. Consumption using the fats can slow that process down,” suggests Dr. Warren Cargal. “The nerve impulse is being driven by ATP. And there’s a high concentration of mitochondria in the brain.” He adds, “Be aware of all the energy the brain is using and where that energy is coming from. There’s a lymphatic system in the brain, and that lymphatic system is used for clearing the debris. But it is only activated when you are sleeping. So, sleeping is an issue.” Dr. Warren Cargal also recommends considering probiotics if you had a lot of antibiotics. Because according to him, probiotics will nourish the serotonin. Website For those who want to know more about mitochondria, check out Dr. Warren Cargal’s fantastic website. You’ll find a link to his book as well as an online store that sells Chinese herbs and supplements. “People are having some issues already. They need supplements while they go through this transition period of fixing their diet,” said Dr. Warren Cargal. “The vision that we have is that people become vibrant. The aging looks different then.” He adds, “There’s a lot of places where there’s limited dialogue. I encourage people to take note of that and have a little bit more compassion.” Bio Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and clinic director at Acupuncture Atlanta, Dr. Warren Cargal is a practiced Chinese medicine for over 20 years in the fields of infertility and chronic disease conditions. He maintains an active clinical practice in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Warren Cargal’s interest is in the integration of classical Chinese medicine with modern scientific study and evidence-based protocols. He’s spent hundreds of post-graduate hours in Chinese herbology, nutrition, and endocrine education. Through work at his clinic, he recognized three fundamental factors that drive aging and the age-related diseases of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and cancer (shallow breathing, excessive consumption of calories and carbohydrates, and lack of exercise.) Dr. Warren Cargal is the author of, Your Mitochondria: Key to Health and Longevity, which is based on the latest research on herbal isolates and nutraceuticals, presents approaches for correcting these three factors to reverse age-related diseases.

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