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Colonics are sometimes the butt end of the joke (sorry, sorry), but if there’s one thing those of us with chronic illness know, it’s that you can’t write off a treatment just because it seems weird or different to others. During a colonic, warm water (up to 16 gallons!) is flushed through the lower intestinal tract (also known as the colon) via a tube that’s inserted into the rectum. On occasion, instead of just water, a mixture of coffee and water is used. People who swear by colonics claim they support detox and thereby help with a huge range of maladies, including digestive problems, immune disorders, allergies, and headaches. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners might suggest a colonic to support a detoxifying diet that consists mainly of vegetables, herbal teas, and broth. In TCM, this diet and colonic combo is often recommended in the spring or fall. Kind of gives new meaning to the term spring cleaning, right?

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