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Inner child healing


We all have an inner child in us—and we’re not just talking about those times we eat ice cream for dinner. As kids, all of us experienced events—big or small—that left a mark on our psyches and shaped who we are today. These experiences could be the playground-bullying variety (being teased for not fitting in, or not being an ace at kickball) or sad moments, like losing a beloved stuffed toy. Or, the experiences that shaped us can be even more consequential and traumatic, like being physically or emotionally abused by an adult you trusted. No matter what you experienced, your “inner child” can strongly influence who you are as an adult. You might not have ever considered your inner child before. We tend to think of childhood as something we leave in the past, only to revisit when adulting gets hard and we’re feeling nostalgic for “simpler times.” But it’s clear that childhood is more complicated than that, which is where inner child healing comes in. Inner child healing is any therapy that can help you identify the childhood patterns that hold you back, emotionally or physically. (Sure, you’re an adult...but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically free of these issues!) You might benefit from inner child healing if you believe there’s something “wrong” with you, if you have trouble standing up for yourself or expressing your opinions, if you’re a chronic worrier, if you engage in self-harm and addictions, or if it’s hard to trust others. If you’re not sure whether it’s right for you, that’s completely understandable; it can sometimes be hard to identify which therapeutic model is the best fit. A mental health practitioner you trust can likely give you good insight and advice. It’s important to know that no therapist puts a shingle on their door advertising “inner child healing.” This is a broad category of approaches—from self-care to intense psychotherapy—designed to help you undo and heal the damage caused by early wounds. Inner child work is the process of understanding, embracing, and healing your original shame-free self…all in the name of paving the way to becoming an adult who can freely express and feel joy, innocence, security, and intimacy.

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Almost 30: Family Constellations - Connecting Your Inner Child to Your Adult Self + Healing Generational Trauma with Marine Sélénée

You may not know it (at least not yet), but your family story might be the one thing holding you back from success. We can’t change our parents or our family – and we can’t change what’s already happened – but we can change our perception around it. Unresolved traumatic events in your family can hinder how happiness and success flow to us in the present and future. Marine Sélénée is a Family Constellations specialist who is dedicated to bringing peace, love, and respect to families. Krista + Lindsey can attest that Family Constellations will help you break free from any negative painful patterns – and it will be life changing. After hitting rock bottom at the age of 25, Marine started her own healing journey and discovered the power of Family Constellations firsthand. Now she shares that gift with others, helping people finally bring order back to their lives, make peace with what was, and accept what they did receive and did not receive. We talk about… Moving from France to the U.S. Hitting rock bottom at the age of 25 + going through a spiritual awakening Starving to be be seen, to be heard, and to be recognized Everyone has a different perception Why you can’t heal unconscious, underlying problems in your family – you need to unearth them The little boy or girl inside of you who is just waiting to be seen or heard Storing trauma in your body + healing it When a mom or dad might need their kid to take care of them How to discover what affected you subconsciously Why parents need to respect their children enough to tell them the truth, even when it’s hard How you can be impacted by past generations, beyond your mother and father Practicing acceptance + respect Do we choose our parents? Healing ghosts by recognizing them


The Melissa Ambrosini Show: Conscious Parenting & Healing Your Inner Child With Dr Shefali

Dr. Shefali is one of a kind in the parenting field. An acclaimed author, world-renowned wisdom teacher, clinical psychologist and international speaker, she integrates Eastern mindfulness with Western psychology to reach a global audience. Her genius insights into parenting and raising empowered kids has seen her books rocket to the top of bestseller lists and become firm favourites with the consciousness crowd. Ms Oprah Winfrey herself is even a mega fan, saying that The Conscious Parent (Dr. Shefali’s first book) is one of the most profound books on parenting she has ever read. (Quite the endorsement, right?!) I’ve been wanting to get this amazing woman on the show for ages now — she’s been one of the biggest influences on my journey as a step mama, and has quite literally changed the way I view parenting… She truly is something special, and I am beyond excited for you to soak up the wisdom in this wide-ranging conversation. So if you’re a parent, or you want kids one day, or perhaps you just want to find out how to parent YOURSELF more consciously, then strap in for an episode packed with why-didn’t-I-think-of-that moments and truth-bombs galore… Beautiful, this one’s for you! In this episode we chat about: Her story — from growing up in India, to moving to America at 21, to where she is today (10:35) What is conscious parenting? (14:05) How to consciously parent your children (and how we can transform ourselves in the process) (15:39) Becoming a conscious step parent (18:40) How to quit being reactive when your kids trigger you (21:23) Why relinquishing control is so important in parenting (and how to truly let go) (23:39) Why our children are not our easels (27:05) How to heal your inner child (30:48) What to do if your partner is not on board and does not share your parenting style and beliefs (33:58) Her best tips for a conscious relationship (36:29) How to heal your relationship with your parents (41:35) How to reparent yourself (44:55) How to find your tribe (50:37) Plus so much more! Today’s podcast is brought to you by the brand new Certification program created by my health guru and one of my all-time favourite humans on the planet, Dr. Stephen Cabral (Naturopathic Doctor, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Ayurvedic Expert). This is a program like no other — it literally *saved* my husband’s life, and changed mine forever. With a powerhouse combo of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and cutting-edge science, this program is for anyone who wants to create epic health and next level healing for themselves and their family, or for anyone who wants a career in the health industry

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