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If you’ve spent some time navigating the natural health world, you’ve probably heard about kambo (aka the frog poison cleanse), or spotted someone with a curious pattern of dotted scars on their skin. This traditional ritual uses poison from a tropical frog to purify the body and potentially heal disease. Shamans in the Amazon reportedly used kambo to give hunters sharper sight and smell. Today, kambo is used to detoxify, alleviate symptoms, and promote health and well-being. Here's how it works: a practitioner creates small burns in the top layer of your skin and dabs the poisonous substance into the wounds. People who've tried kambo say the effects—rapid heartbeat, pain relief, dizziness, elation, or sedation—are immediate, and last about an hour. The physical response is caused by a mix of bioactive chemicals that can dilate your blood vessels, make your face flush, rev you up, trigger diarrhea or vomiting…and ultimately, may make you feel much better afterward.

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The Next Level with Jeff Agostinelli: Kambo Frog Medicine - An Unconventional Path to Healing with Simon Scott

I’m constantly on the lookout for new and interesting approaches to health and healing. This medicine is much more traditional, and is starting to make it's way into the western world. I'm yet to personally experiment with Kambo medicine, and I invited Simon Scott on the show today to chat about this peculiar frog venom. Simon Scott grew up in England and studied Computer Science to Masters level. He moved to Asia in his mid-twenties to work in Post Production and was there for 5 years, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. After being headhunted to the States to work in a Hollywood design company he won an Emmy for his work and used that as a catalyst to become an American citizen. After a decade of working for leading Hollywood film post-production companies Simon started Mac Guff, and boutique post-production company in Santa Monica CA. For five years Simon and his team produced many award winning TV Commercials for leading brands such as Hummer, Acura, DeBeers and Panasonic. It was during this time that Simon became stressed, overworked and had a hard time dealing with the riggers of running his company. After much soul-seeking, he decided to leave his career to find something more personally rewarding, something closer to his heart. Simon sought out answers in South America, in Colombia where he worked with Kambo Medicine and also drank the medicinal brew Ayahuasca over 50 times. It was during this period that he realized his deep desires to facilitate healing for others. As this desire grew stronger, people showed up for healing and Simon steadily grew a solid reputation as a practitioner of Kambo. Simon has worked with Kambo now for 7 years and has been proving the Kambo medicine to others for over 5 years. He has worked with 1000’s of people from all over the world and has a perfect safety record with the Kambo medicine. Simon is the creator of the website KamboCleanse.com, which is an authority on the Kambo medicine and which helps people to research Kambo before deciding to work with it. Simon currently lives in Sedona Arizona where he facilitates Kambo ceremonies. We dive into topics like ⁃ Simon's journey to discover ⁃ Kambo medicineistening to your soul's calling ⁃ The power of more traditional plant medicines to open the heart ⁃ Ayahuasca and DMT ⁃ The difference between Ayahuasca and Kambo ⁃ The power of Kambo to eliminate emotional toxins from the body ⁃ The traditional uses of plant medicine and Kambo ⁃ Simon's first experience with Kambo ⁃ Why some of the plant medicines and Kambo are not so readily available here in the West ⁃ Using discernment when it comes to natural medicines ⁃ and so much more…

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