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Klinghardt's 5 levels of healing


In the 1980s, holistic healer and physician Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt developed a theory—known as Klinghardt’s 5 levels of healing—that combines Eastern and Western knowledge about energy, bodies, health, and wellness. Dr. Klinghardt suggests that we all have 5 levels or “layers”—physical, energy, mental, intuitive, spiritual—and that what happens to one also affects the others. For each of the layers, he offers specific treatments. Exercise and heavy metal detox, for example, are recommended to help the physical body. Acupuncture, neural therapy, and unplugging from electronic devices are suggested for level 2, “energy.” Prayer, meditation, and chanting heal the spiritual self. It’s a fascinating theory, and while the 5 levels of healing were designed as a tool for integrative medicine practitioners, many of the treatments involve self-care that you can try yourself. According to Dr. Klinghardt, our bodies make visible what is happening at the soul level. If we have emotional trauma, or experienced something in the past that changed our inner lives, it will eventually manifest itself as physical impairment or pain. When emotional healing takes place, it has a positive effect on our physical selves, too. The philosophies, and how to find a practitioner who can help you put them into practice, are detailed on his website. It’s worth saying that people who take an interest in their health and well-being (oh hi, that’s us!) may already feel familiar with Dr. Klinghardt’s theories. He’s developed many treatments for chronic pain and hard-to-treat illnesses, combining orthopedic medicine with immunology, endocrinology, toxicology, hypnotherapy, and energy psychology. (If you’re familiar with Autonomic Response Testing or Neural Therapy, that’s him.) His approach to healing is all an extension of the idea of a mind-body connection, and that’s something a lot of us are pretty comfortable with. While the name “Klinghardt” might be new, there are aspects of his theory that likely ring a bell.

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