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It probably seems like everyone you know is into meditation these days. Even your formerly skeptical friends might be on board, and with good reason—it works for a lot of people! At its core, meditation is about breathing and awareness. While meditation has a long and rich history, it’s also a practice that in some ways is based on simplicity. You don’t need anything to do it—just yourself and your breathing. If you’re game to try, there are lots of different approaches to experiment with and explore. The best part is that meditation—whatever kind you practice—has powerful health benefits, especially for those dealing with stress and fatigue (and…who isn't?).

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Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28-Day Program

Thousands of years prove it, and Western science backs it: Meditation sharpens focus. Meditation lowers blood pressure, relieves chronic pain, reduces stress. Meditation helps us experience greater calm. Meditation connects us to our inner-most feelings and challenges our habits of self-judgment. Meditation helps protect the brain against aging and improves our capacity for learning new things. Meditation opens the door to real and accessible happiness. There is no better person to show a beginner how to harness the power of meditation than Sharon Salzberg, one of the world’s foremost meditation teachers and spiritual authors. Cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society, author of Lovingkindness, Faith, and other books, Ms. Salzberg distills 30 years of teaching meditation into a 28-day program that will change lives. It is not about Buddhism, it’s not esoteric―it is closer to an exercise, like running or riding a bike. From the basics of posture, breathing, and the daily schedule to the finer points of calming the mind, distraction, dealing with specific problem areas (pain in the legs? falling asleep?) to the larger issues of compassion and awareness, Real Happiness is a complete guide. It explains how meditation works; why a daily meditation practice results in more resiliency, creativity, peace, clarity, and balance; and gives twelve meditation practices, including mindfulness meditation and walking meditation. An extensive selection of her students’ FAQs cover the most frequent concerns of beginners who meditate―“Is meditation selfish?” “How do I know if I’m doing it right?” “Can I use meditation to manage weight?”

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Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit: Supercharge Your Love Life & Career Through Meditation with Emily Fletcher

According to Harvard Medical School, stress is an epidemic that is responsible for 90% of all doctors visits. It can negatively impact our relationships and our ability to perform at the top of our game. It's become so widespread that we accept it as "normal" to have insomnia, digestive issues, and chronic anxiety. It’s clear that stress reduction needs to be a part of our personal wellness routines. On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, our host, Dhru, talks to Emily Fletcher, the founder of Ziva Meditation and creator of The Ziva Technique. She’s been named one of the top 100 women in wellness to watch, has taught more than 15,000 students around the world, and has spoken on meditation for performance at Google, Harvard Business School, Viacom, and Wanderlust. Ziva graduates include Oscar, Grammy, Tony, and Emmy award winners, NBA players, Navy SEALs, Fortune 500 CEOs, busy parents, and social entrepreneurs. Her debut book, Stress Less, Accomplish More,was just released by HarperCollins on February 19th. In this episode, Dhru and Emily break down the topic of stress and how we can use meditation to truly help us accomplish more, feel better, and live life with more intention. They also talk about how meditation can impact our sex life, performance, and enjoyment of life. Throughout their talk, we hear about the science of meditation and the positive effects it has on cellular aging. And Emily dismantles the #1 myth about meditation and discusses how to bring meditation into your life in a practical and tangible way. In this episode, we dive into: -How meditation can up-level our performance in the bedroom (5:30) -Mirror neurons and how they affect our sex lives (8:03) -Emily’s Come to Your Senses mindfulness technique (10:54) -The connection between sexual energy and creative (15:32) -Emily’s new book, Stress Less, Accomplish More and the inspiration behind it (16:45) -Emily shares her story and how she got into meditation (20:34) -Case studies of Emily’s students (22:30) -The science of meditation and how it impacts the brain (28:30) -How meditation supported Emily through her pregnancy and how she incorporates into her life as a new mom (36:03) -How meditation is a tool to build resilience (42:46) -How meditation lengthens telomeres and slows the rate of cellular aging (45:12) -Meditation and community (55:05) -The Ziva Technique (59:24) -Learn more about Emily and her work (62:59)


Mastering Blood Sugar: The Benefits of a Healthy Diet, Mindful Meditation, and Nutrition Testing with Dr. Ann Shippy

“The capacity of the human body to heal inspires me every day. When the body has all the nutrients that it needs, genetic factors are fully compensated for and the body is no longer overwhelmed by toxicity, stress, or infection. Extraordinary and complete healing can happen.” Those are the words of Dr. Mowll’s guest today — physician and engineer, Dr. Ann Shippy. Dr. Ann Shippy began her career in medicine when the traditional approach and application of allopathic medicine could not solve her own health issues. She had worked as an IBM engineer for over a decade but left the field of engineering to go to medical school at the University of Texas in pursuit of better health. Today she uses cutting-edge science, innovative testing, research, and genetic information to determine and address the root causes of health issues. She approaches each patient as a whole person and forms a therapeutic partnership to achieve the highest of health. In today’s interview, Dr. Shippy discusses the most important lab tests that she recommends for patients with diabetes, how to support mitochondrial function to improve energy metabolism, why she recommends the paleo diet for most her patients, the importance of fiber, as well as the importance of magnesium. Dr. Shippy also talks about the link between environmental toxins, stress, and blood sugar health; and how to begin meditating to decrease the stress response and improve blood sugar.


Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit: Meditation Takes You Deeper Than Sleep with Light Watkins

Host: Dhru Purohit Guest: Light Watkins Why do people meditate? Is it because they need to de-stress—or is it because they want to work smarter and be more productive? It actually can be both and much more. Many benefits can’t even be measured. But, it is a common experience that if you meditate you will feel better; you’ll feel more relaxed, calmer, and focused. Today, on The Broken Brain Podcast, host Dhru Purohit and expert meditation teacher and author Light Watkins have a deep discussion about the power of meditation in your life. Light and Dhru talk about the history of meditation, different meditation types (including the style Light teaches), and very practical tips on getting started. Light explains why meditation elicits a relaxation response that is deeper than sleep, why it’s important to have your back supported and sit in a comfortable place, and how his community events called The Shine are wholesome places for people to come together to lift each other up. In this episode, we dive into: -What does successful meditation look like (1:48) -The relaxation response that is deeper than sleep (9:30) -Meditation types explained (15:25) -What a consistent meditation practice offers (22:24) -Steps to getting started (23:34) -Light’s EASY meditation technique (26:44) -What does it look like when Light meditates? (28:38) -Fear of bringing up past trauma and pain while meditating (35:29) -Real world benefits of meditating (40:30) -Selling it all...Light reveals his new life (46:35) -The Shine and bringing people together in real life (46:35) -Making meditation a regular part of your life (1:02:56)


The Life Stylist: Nate Martinez - The Healing Power Of Sound And Music

Have you ever thought about why your favorite music makes you feel so elated, while jackhammers on the street outside probably have the opposite effect? Did you know that sound vibration can not only change your consciousness, but that it can also heal your mind and body? It sounds like a bunch of woo woo nonsense right? Well, it turns out that there is a lot of empirical and anecdotal evidence to support this theory. There is also a massively exploding interest in sound therapy in the current yoga and meditation scene. Sound baths or sound 'experiences' are becoming ever more popular these days at retreats and workshops the world over. Our guest Nate Martinez is a multi-faceted musician, who has not only made a living playing secular music with legends like The Grateful Dead's Bob Wier, but has also become a popular fixture on the New York new age circuit as a sound therapy practitioner. Using a wide array of rare and strange musical instruments, bells, rattles, whistles, gongs, crystal bowls, and even his voice, Nate has become widely known for his ability to drop sound bath participants (including your faithful host) into the void of blissful stillness with his mind-blowing sound meditation sessions. In this episode, Nate talks to us about the spiritual nature of noise, and how it can be used to soothe the nervous system, and even facilitate spiritual revelations and experiences. It turns out there is a lot more to music than meets the ear, and Nate Martinez is just the guest with which to explore this fascinating area of spiritual research and development. Please do yourself, Nate, me, and a lucky friend a favor by sharing this episode with your favorite music lover. To your ears, Luke


The Life Stylist: You Are Your Own Guru - Meditation For The Masses with Light Watkins

I didn’t start meditating to be cool – I started meditating to save my life. By 26 years old I loathed my very existence, and was trapped in a downward spiral of self-destruction. I’ve tried numerous methods of finding peace of mind using various practices of meditation, but Vedic meditation has been my Holy Grail. I also know that meditation is one of the things you all are hungry to learn more about, so I sat down with Light Watkins, an author and Vedic teacher who wants to empower the everyman to meditate. To help, Light wrote one of the best books I’ve ever read on the topic: Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without …. You can think of Bliss More as the meditation version of the The 4-Hour Workweek: lean, effective, and at home on a bio hacker’s bookshelf near you. Some meditation practices and techniques are very specific and rigid, both physically and mentally. This is what a lot of people think of when they hear the word “meditation,” and in all honesty, those practices can be a struggle for the amateur who sincerely wants to make a daily practice out of meditation. If you want to sit with your legs crossed on the floor for an hour, that’s fine! But that’s NOT necessary to achieve the best or most efficient results from meditation – you can’t focus your way to bliss. Vedic meditation, on the other hand, is about reshaping the relationship with the mind to effortlessly experience fully-awake restful consciousness and its many physiological benefits. “The mind is not the enemy. The mind is not the obstacle. The mind is actually your ally. The mind is noble.” –Luke


The Life Stylist: Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia Naturally with Kelly Roman

In this episode, we discover the most effective natural treatment for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain that you’ve probably never heard of – but that thousands of psychiatrists and primary care providers are already providing to their patients. So what is this veritable panacea for the mind? It’s the Fisher Wallace Stimulator®, a wearable neurostimulation device invented by electrical engineers in partnership with physicians and research scientists. Joining the show to teach us more about this device and why Electroconvulsive therapy treatments are so effective is Kelly Roman, co-founder of Fisher Wallace Laboratories. The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® received FDA-Clearance for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and insomnia back in 1990 under the original brand name Liss Cranial Stimulator®. By 2010, several hundred psychiatrists were prescribing the device and finding it to be effective with thousands of treatment-resistant patients. In 2015, additional clinical research was launched at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital and Phoenix House, resulting in a landmark study on bipolar depression. In 2017, Medicaid in Maine approved the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® for full coverage. And today, more than 9000 providers recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® to their patients. So this is a full-blown, government-approved wearable device that thousands of people are benefitting from today, and that thousands more could surely benefit from if they knew this alternative to prescription drugs existed. I used to be on medication and it really made me feel terrible. I was in a bad place and I needed some help, but I wish I had known an alternative like this existed. So if you know someone who is struggling with more traditional treatments for depression, anxiety, insomnia, or chronic pain, let them know about Fisher Wallace. Topics Discussed In This Episode: What exactly you can expect from Electroconvulsive therapy (also known as “ECT”), and how it’s different from other forms of neurostimulation How ECT is different from happened to Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest How does the device help your body release dopamine, serotonin and fall into a state of deep relaxation, no drugs required. The history of Electroconvulsive therapy, going back to the ‘70s when doctors started to explore it for depression in place of antidepressants The fascinating results of Fisher Wallace’s bipolar study, which was conducted with both a placebo group and a crossover design. How Luke and others are using Fisher Wallace to enhance their meditation The device’s effect on your HRV scores, or heart rate variability What it takes to legally make a medical claim for a device or drug What causes clinical insomnia and how we can all have a higher quality of sleep, with and without medical intervention Why improving someone’s mood and sleep is hugely helpful for addicts trying to stay sober The relationship between depression and your phone or social media use Other lifestyle practices that will help support your mood and quality of sleep


Hypnosis and NLP with Donald Currie, Registered Psychotherapist: The Mental Health Benefits of Empathy and Compassion - Loving Kindness Meditation

In this episode, we will be discussing a mindfulness technique called Loving-Kindness Meditation. This method of meditation assists with developing compassion, both for yourself as well as others. We will discuss the latest research on this style of meditation and the benefits that it provides. You will also have the opportunity to experience a Loving Kindness meditation to assist you in connecting with compassion. *This program is complementary to any other healing work that you are doing. It is not meant to treat or diagnose any emergency medical condition. Please check with your doctor should you have an immediate concern regarding your health and well-being. Do not listen to this program while driving, operating heavy machinery or engaging in any activity that requires conscious thought. This program is designed to induce a relaxed state. Do not listen to this program if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, dissociative disorders or have had recent heart surgery. By consenting and listening to this recording you agree that you use the information contained herein entirely at your own discretion. do not listen to this program if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, dissociative disorders or have had recent heart surgery. By consenting and listening to this recording you agree that you use the information contained herein entirely at your own discretion.


The Ultimate Health Podcast: Dr. Andrew Weil - Cooking As A Form Of Meditation, Moods Are Contagious, Microdosing Psilocybin

Dr. Andrew Weil (IG: @drweil) received a degree in biology (botany) from Harvard in 1964 and an M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1968. He is the founder and Director of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. The Center is the leading effort in the world to develop a comprehensive curriculum in integrative medicine. Dr. Weil is the editorial director of the popular website, drweil.com and appears in video programs featured on PBS. He is the founder and partner of the growing group of True Food Kitchen restaurants. A frequent lecturer and guest on talk shows, Dr. Weil is an internationally recognized expert on medicinal plants, alternative medicine, and the reform of medical education. In this episode, we discuss: The difference between doctors of the past and the present Becoming pescatarian Eat food you grow Cooking as a form of meditation Why Dr. Weil never practiced medicine Studying healing practices & cultures while traveling The healing power of nature The 1st cannabis study in 1968 Therapeutic benefits of CBD Experimenting with psychedelics Are allergies learned responses? What is mescaline? Microdosing psilocybin MDMA & PTSD Medicinal properties of mushrooms Starting Matcha Kari The difference between matcha & green tea The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique Mouth breathing vs. nose breathing Moods are contagious Keeping a gratitude journal Integrative medicine vs. functional medicine Dogs are good for your health Walking is the perfect exercise Have fun in life The story behind True Food Kitchen

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