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Mimosa pudica


Mimosa pudica, often called the “sensitive plant,” is known for its ability to respond to touch. (It’s pretty wild—we highly recommend watching a YouTube video to see the plant in action!) But as compelling as that makes the plant itself, natural health experts are even more excited about its use as a tonic and remedy. All parts of the mimosa pudica plant have potential medicinal value. The roots are rich in flavonoids, alkaloids, amino acids, tannins, and other beneficial compounds. The leaves contain terpenoids, quinines, phenols, saponins, and more. The bark…well, let’s just say it has lots of good stuff too. (Don't worry, no one is going to quiz you on this list!) All you really need to remember is that mimosa pudica is considered a high-value treatment, used topically and as a supplement for everything from insomnia and depression to uterine bleeding and snake bites.

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