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Past life regression


If you believe in reincarnation, chances are you’re open to the idea that we carry lessons and subconscious memories from past lives into this one. Just as an example, maybe you believe that you’re now a pacifist because you were a warrior in another life, and you got tired of all that conflict. Reincarnation is the idea that when your physical body dies, your soul goes on, and you are (eventually) born into a different body. So, according to reincarnation, if you have fears, phobias, physical ailments, and other issues that can’t seem to be explained in this lifetime, it may be that your soul is carrying past-life memories of trauma, illness, and injuries. We know that’s probably not the first place your mind would go, but it’s definitely a fascinating possibility! Having medical and emotional challenges that can’t seem to be explained (no matter how many specialists you visit or tests you take) is basically your ID badge for the invisible illness club. So many of us go through this, and past life regression is one therapeutic approach that you might want to explore if you buy into the idea that something in your past life is holding you back. How does it work? Sessions begin with relaxation techniques to slow down your breathing and brain waves. Your therapist will talk in a calm, slow voice and may use images of soothing scenery to help you relax (a lot like hypnosis—in fact, typically, the therapist is trained in hypnosis!). As your brainwaves slow down, your consciousness shifts, opening you up to remembering the past. Eventually, as the theory goes, you’ll release fears, phobias, struggles, and karmic balances that no longer serve you.

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