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In case any of us needed one more reason to keep those miracle-working bees alive: it’s called propolis! Propolis is a substance produced by bees that’s believed to have healing properties. Created from the sap of certain types of trees (like evergreens), propolis is used by bees as glue for their hives (and it’s not the same as beeswax). It’s been used medicinally for thousands of years—for everything from fighting infections to treating abscesses—and it’s high in a type of polyphenols called flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants.

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That's So Maven by The Healthy Maven: What is Propolis and Why Are Bees Good for Our Health? with Carly Stein from Beekeeper's Naturals

What are "essentials" when it comes to health? My belief is that eating your veggies, moving your body, hydrating and sleeping well make up the framework for a healthy life. Is there more to health? Absolutely. But these "add-ons" as I like to call them look so different on everyone. Determining which products and supplements to invest in can be overwhelming. So I've decided to expand some of the conversations on the podcast to include interesting and innovative products that either I've found helpful or I'd like to learn more about. You’ll hear us chat about: -What prompted Sarah to become interested in bees and propolis? -How she became a Beekeeper's apprentice -What is propolis and how can it benefit your body? -What historical figures used propolis -How Europeans treat illnesses differently with natural products -Why are bees so important? -How is Beekeeper's Naturals different from other producers? -What's threatening bees and what kind of impact will it have on the environment? -What it means to be a company with a cause and how they've incorporated bee education and bee research -Is there a difference between conventional honey and raw honey? -What other products Beekeeper's Natural sells -The health habit Carly can't live without -What Carly would tell her 20-year old self -What Carly hopes her older self tells her -Who Carly looks up to in business


The Life Stylist: Bees - Nature’s Little Lifesavers with Carly Stein

Many of us health enthusiasts have dropped insane amounts of money on natural products that don’t work. Carly Stein, founder of Beekeeper’s Naturals, has found some that actually do. As it turns out, bees make some incredible things. I’m not talking about wasps or yellow jackets (bees’ jerk cousins), but rather honeybees, those benevolent little insects which create propolis, pollen, royal jelly, and - of course - honey. Carly Stein grew up with a weakened immune system due to an autoimmune condition. She got sick incredibly easily and didn’t really have options; because of her condition, she couldn’t take antibiotics. Unfortunately, all of the natural treatments that she tried weren’t effective enough. As a kid, a common cold could land her in the hospital. While traveling in Italy as an adult, Carly experienced an especially awful bout of tonsillitis. Desperate for a solution, she went to a local Italian pharmacist and discovered a bee product called propolis - the first natural product that actually truly helped her. Since that moment, Carly has been a woman on a mission to save the bees and change the face of healthcare.She left her high-powered, high-paying, and high-stress corporate job and founded Beekeeper’s Naturals, a collective of small farms creating completely organic, effective bee products like propolis, pollen, honey, and royal jelly. Beekeeper’s Naturals makes it infinitely easier for us all to find natural health products that actually work.

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