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Shamanic reiki


You might have heard of shamanic healing, and you’ve probably heard of reiki... but shamanic reiki? Yeah, we’re guessing that one might be new to you! In essence, shamanic reiki combines the energy healing of reiki with the spiritual-journeying practices of shamanic healing. To explain further, you need to know a little bit about these two healing practices separately. In reiki (which, translated from the Japanese, means “universal life force energy”), a practitioner places hands on (or above) your body and channels healing energy with the aim of relaxing, revitalizing, and releasing emotional energy blocks. In shamanic healing, a practitioner or shamanic guide may lead you on a spiritual journey to solve specific issues and shift your awareness. The practices are similar to each other in their focus on energy; both shamans and energy healers believe that physical ills originate in the spiritual realm as imbalances that hold back or impede someone’s life force. So, what exactly might happen during a shamanic reiki session? In all likelihood, you’ll lie down comfortably, fully clothed and with your eyes closed, while a practitioner channels reiki energy, touching (or holding their hands over) certain areas of your body. During the session, the practitioner might use rocks or crystals, sounds, and/or plants (burning sage, for example) to perform specific shamanic techniques, such as soul retrieval, ancestral healing, locating and clearing problematic energy “intrusions,” and more. They might engage you in conversation—or not. From your vantage point, it might feel relaxing, or you might feel tingling or other sensations in your body as energy shifts occur. The experience can be a little different for everyone.

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