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Shoemaker Protocol


The Shoemaker protocol was developed by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, a pioneer and authority on biotoxin exposures and their remedies. This specific protocol is a treatment for mold illness, aka chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS), administered by medical practitioners who are familiar with the protocol (Dr. Shoemaker no longer practices). The 11-Step Biotoxin Removal Protocol aims to get rid of biotoxins in the body and stop the systemic inflammatory response caused by mold exposure. The protocol takes a test-and-measure approach, focusing on one step at a time, followed by an evaluation. The first step is toxin avoidance—basically, getting out of or changing the environment that is causing you to get sick. The second is toxin elimination from the body. If the initial steps don't resolve your symptoms, eventually you reach higher and more complicated levels of treatment, including various therapies and lab tests that may be very effective, but can also be costly and time-consuming. While the Shoemaker protocol sounds straightforward, even Step 1 is a challenge for most people. Staying away from toxins might be easier said than done, if your home or workplace is the culprit in your mold illness. We know it’s not exactly easy to pick up and relocate, just like it’s not easy to tell your boss you have to work remotely for…oh, indefinitely? But according to Shoemaker and other experts in mold illness syndromes, you can’t get better if you continue to be surrounded by toxins. And after you’re out of the environment that’s triggering your mold illness, the next steps of this rigorous protocol (like wiping out biotoxins in the body by using medications like cholestyramine) can be very effective.

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