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Turmeric / Curcumin


If you love Asian or South Asian food, you’re probably familiar with this brightly-hued yellow-orange spice, one of the main ingredients in curry. (Aaaaaaand, now we’re hungry.) Turmeric is related to ginger and can add both color and flavor to your favorite foods and even your smoothies. It's also got medicinal properties, thanks to the potent chemical compound curcumin, which helps tackle inflammation. That’s why turmeric is getting a lot of attention these days—sure, there’s some hype, but there are also lots of health benefits that are backed by studies. There's really no downside to adding this warming, healing spice to your life!

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Turmeric Superfood: Amazing Health Remedies, Cookbook Recipes, and Beauty Treatments (Superfoods Series)

If you have been seeking a new outlet to better health, you will not need to search any further. The Turmeric Benefits and Cookbook Recipes is loaded with proven ways that will work for you for ailments from anti-inflammatory methods to techniques that can help diminish the fine growth of hair on your face. (Sorry gents, but a man’s beard is usually too thick and coarse.)If you have horses, dogs, or cats; they can also benefit from the use of turmeric as you will soon discover. You can use it for beverages, food recipes, face packs, and more.Turmeric is a herbaceous plant that reaches a maximum of 3, 2 feet tall (which makes it easy to pick and collect), and its native from South India, making it the prime spice for this culture since 320 BC, the spice is nowadays used as colorant for plenty dishes and to give that nice flavor.This spice can provide us with many minerals and vitamins, among them the ones that have major presence within Turmeric are; Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, and Iron, in fact, due to the high concentration of Potassium makes it a big ally to athletes and sporty people, with only a small sprinkle of Turmeric to your beverage you would make it a sport drink. It also has to mention that in some places Turmeric is called “The Queen of Spices”, this is not weird to hear after all the benefits you can get from it. In fact, many doctors recommend Turmeric as an aid to determinant sickness or pains.The most spectacular feature of the Turmeric is that unlike drugs that are prescribed for doctors to cure a disease or condition, it doesn’t have side effects to your organism which makes it even more secure and pleasant to use.Among the benefits offered for Turmeric to your body we can find:•Prevents cancer, especially skin and breast cancer (According to the University of Texas)•Helps to prevent Alzheimer, the scientist believes that the constant usage of Turmeric in India is a reason why the country has low rates of Alzheimer.•Improve digestion, due to its high content of dietary fiber.•Helps detoxify the liver (Yes, Turmeric also help the drinkers and alcohol lovers)•Reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), the spicy it has shown that can reduce LDL as well as maintain a healthy weight.•Strengths immunological system, due to the vitamin C in it, can prevent flu and another sickness.•Helps to your body with the recovery process of wounds. According to research, these drugs pale compared to turmeric:•Painkillers•Anti-inflammatory drugs•Diabetes medications•Arthritis medications•Steroids•Inflammatory Bowel disease drugsWith all of these benefits; check out some of the ways you will learn how to use turmeric in your everyday lifestyle:•Toss the spice in with some roasted veggies•Add a pinch to your scrambled eggs, a tofu scramble, or a frittata. (A great frittata recipe is included.)•Use it in soups. (A recipe or two for this is also contained in this copy.)•Try it over your greens on items such as cabbage, kale, or collards.•Get ahead of aging and so many other health issues that could be plaguing you.Being said that you can implement Turmeric almost in everything, but one consideration to keep in mind is that Turmeric is not easily absorbed by the human body so a recommendation is to combine it with black pepper and curry.Some others interesting uses of the Turmeric rather than provide flavor, color, and a variety of vitamins and minerals to our body, is that it is also used to dye cotton, paper, leather, silk, etc. We can say Turmeric is not only a super food but a super component as well. Take a few moments and add this fantastic guide to your library of references so you can move forward with a healthier lifestyle for you as well as your family. You can also include your friends with one of the homemade surprises by purchasing your personal copy today

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Ceremony Wellness: Ayurved-ish with Anjali Bhargava

I’m always so excited when I get to meet new friends. Liza Killian, who was on the show a few weeks ago (episode #26, in case you missed it), told me about Anjali Bhargava when we were getting coffee in LA. She kept going on and on about the best turmeric mix she’s ever had in her life, and how sweet the creator of the company is. I did my stalking, bought some products, and lo and behold, Liza was so right. Bija Bhar’s Resilience Turmeric Elixir is so carefully sourced. It’s made from Hawaiian turmeric that is never boiled, and it’s blended with ginger, whole lemon, lemon peel, maple sugar, and black pepper - so it’s highly absorbable in your body. I love throwing it into hot water, and then into the blender, so it’s all frothy and delicious. It’s the perfect way to start the morning - or for that afternoon pick-me-up. Turmeric, in case you didn’t know, is highly anti-inflammatory, and a huge staple in my diet for internal healing. Anjali is such a beautiful soul, building this brand from the ground up, making so much of this by herself in her Brooklyn kitchen - and she does it with so much love. There’s an Indian and Ayurvedic influence as well, which I absolutely love. Today on The Platform... Anjali’s journey from photography to entrepreneurship The 600 (!) potential benefits of turmeric Optimizing cellular health Need a hangover cure? Try turmeric! How Anjali’s heritage inspired her work Anjali and Kelli compare panchakarma experiences Anjali’s magic ring Growing up in a spiritual Indian household Women supporting women How to go organic and free trade without substantially raising your costs

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