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Vibrational healing / Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT)


Love massages? Imagine a massage so deep that even your tissues, organs, and cells could feel it and benefit from it. Now imagine this massage not only helps you feel relaxed, but also improves your health and quality of life. That’s exactly the goal of vibrational healing, aka vibroacoustic therapy (VAT), and it might help people living with chronic conditions, including osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. During a typical VAT session, you lie on a specially designed surface, such as a bed or mat, that is embedded with speakers that transmit sound into vibrations. That’s the “internal massage.” You can opt for localized vibrational therapy, which is delivered to a particular part of your body (like a pinched wrist, bad knee, or painful lower back). You can also try whole-body vibrational healing, which involves using a machine or chair that vibrates every inch of you. You’ll feel soothing, gentle, low sound waves passing through your body and mind, as the sound waves “massage” your organs, tissues, and cells. After the session, you’ll likely feel recharged, calm, and more attentive. Pretty incredible results for lying there and “doing nothing”! People who swear by VAT say it helps with pain management, anxiety, and stress, and can improve quality of life for those of us living with chronic conditions. VAT can be used alone or side-by-side with other therapies, like psychotherapy, physical therapy, or other alternative therapy methods. There’s really no downside as long as you don’t spend a good portion of your life hooked up to the vibrating equipment, because that might cause some wear and tear on your body. (Honestly, we’re not worried about that—you might feel so good after a session that you can’t wait to get off the vibrating bed and go live your life!)

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