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Visual negative energy release / draining


You know that feeling when you spend time with a friend who’s feeling low and all of a sudden, you start to feel the feels too? You want to be supportive, but your own mood is sinking, and fast. What the heck just happened? Science calls it “mood contagion.” And if you’re already struggling with a chronic condition, carrying around other people’s “stuff” is the last thing you need. Fortunately, there’s a way you can protect yourself from mood contagion by harnessing the power of your mind. This involves visualization, also known as guided imagery, visual negative energy release, or draining. The idea behind this therapy is that with your mind, you can find relief from any negativity you feel. If you’ve ever daydreamed, you’re halfway there! And more good news: This technique is simple and free (unless you use a paid app or program). One exercise to help protect your energy and state of well-being involves thinking about a protective white light. Before you get out of bed, picture yourself surrounded by white light or an imaginary bubble that protects your energy. (We know, it might seem strange at first…but try to go with it!) Think of it as a force field around your body that bounces negative energy off and away from you. Don’t have time in the morning? No worries. Visualization can be done anywhere, at any time (sample exercises are listed in the “Learn more” section below). Even if you’re sitting in a work meeting and need some help draining the negativity away, you can visualize your protective energy field around you. Try it next time you’re feeling your energy being sapped and just see what happens. To get the most out of your visualization, it helps to set a consistent daily practice. Also, the more vividly you can imagine washing away the energy you don’t want, the more likely it will be recorded in your mind as a memory. During the visualization, try to feel strong positive emotions, because this is an important part of convincing your brain that it is “real.” Repeat the process as often as you need until you notice the changes you were hoping for in your pain levels, behavior, and attitude.

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