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Vitamin B complex


The B vitamins are a family of water-soluble vitamins that support every aspect of your health, from cell metabolism to brain function. The Bs are chemically distinct compounds, and they help your body in different ways. Take vitamin B6, aka pyridoxine, which helps to make brain neurotransmitters, fight infection, and metabolize amino acids. Or vitamin B12, aka cobalamin, which plays a big role in creating new red blood cells (and a deficiency can result in anemia). A dietary supplement that has all eight B vitamins is referred to as a vitamin B complex. It’s a vitamin B powerhouse! Here's some food for thought about vitamins: the traditional thinking about supplements is that most developed countries have adequate nutrition, so we don't really need supplements. But that thinking is changing. Today, researchers say there are striking individual differences in how well we each absorb or excrete vitamins based on lots of factors, like hormone and thyroid function, genetics, exercise levels, age, and whether or not you live with a condition. Many of us who are not technically deficient in one vitamin may be "marginally" deficient, which can up our risk for chronic disease. It's safe to say that conventional nutritional wisdom is playing catch-up when it comes to theories of vitamin deficiency and supplementation. For that reason, it’s definitely a good idea to keep up with the latest research. The more you know, right?

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