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Withania complex


Ashwagandha is having a well-deserved moment, and you’ve probably heard all about the amazing benefits of this remedy. Ashwagandha is part of the adaptogen class of herbs, which is known for helping manage emotional and environmental stressors, and it’s been used by Ayurvedic practitioners since ancient times. Now, take ashwagandha’s super benefits, add some other potent stress relievers, and voilà—you have a product called Withania complex. In addition to ashwagandha, Withania complex contains healing licorice root, American skullcap, and Korean ginseng root (aka red ginseng root). It’s not something you take just for a specific illness or complaint; it’s more of a tonic, taken regularly to help reduce the effects of stress on everyday life. If you’re dealing with fatigue, depression, difficulty sleeping, or you just generally don’t feel like your health is where you want it to be, Withania complex might help.

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