Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) - Fast Facts

Judy Lam
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Judy Lam
04 October, 2020
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Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) -  Fast Facts

FAQ on Eliminating EMFs from your Environment w. Mike Geraci


What are EMFs?

EMFs are electromagnetic frequencies that result from massive technological growth and usage of wireless devices. The increased concentration of EMFs in our environment are causing a major disruption to our health. Infacts are especially susceptible due to their rapid cell division during growth and the fact that their bodies contain a much higher percentage of water than adults

What are the main types of EMFs that are linked with adverse health effects?

  1. Radio frequencies which include Wireless Routers, Bluetooth, Cellphones, AM/FM, TV, Satellites
  2. Magnetic Fields which include chargers for electronics, high voltage power lines, faulty house wiring
  3. Electric Fields which include household wiring, cords, chargers and
  4. Dirty Electricity which includes smart televisions, dimmer switches, fluorescent light bulbs.

How can you eliminate EMFs in your environment?

There are three steps:

  1. Eliminate the source
  2. Increase distance/decrease time
  3. Shield yourself by reducing exposure.

A few tips include turning off your wifi function on your router at night, spending less time talking or using your cell phone, and keeping the phone at least 1 foot away from your body. You can also place a reflective or absorbent material between yourselves and the source, which can reduce the levels of EMF radiation.

What’s the most important part of this process for healing?

Detoxification. Eliminating and reducing exposure to toxins (besides EMFs) are crucial. A healthy gut microbiome is essential and to maintain an optimal immune system. The concept is to roll out the red carpet to enable our bodies to do the healing work. Foods rich in pro and prebiotics are a great step after a 24-72 hour (or longer) water fast (talk to a doctor before trying this). Spring water, biodynamic foods, infrared saunas, and supplementing glutathione are great first steps to healing.

“The major piece of the puzzle that whiffs Western medicine when it comes to healing is how we manage our emotions. Since our emotions comprise all of our past experiences, it's paramount we examine our personalities and belief systems as related to the circumstances we face.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza, pioneer in consciousness and how it relates to our reality

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