Sleep - Fast Facts w. Mollie McGlocklin

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06 October, 2020
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Sleep - Fast Facts w. Mollie McGlocklin

FAQ on Sleep

How is sleep a skill?

These days we live in a busy, distracted, LED-filled world where more people than ever struggle with sleep. Somewhere along the lines, the scales tipped and something so primal as sleep has shifted over to the realm of a skill.

How can you build these skills?

Build habits with these three tips:

  1. Get outside first thing in the morning
  2. Practice circadian rhythm intermittent fasting
  3. Cultivate literal darkness

Start creating a consistent sleep routine and watch your quality of sleep transform!

Other sleep skill tips?

Since our human bodies are designed to mostly be active during daylight hours and at rest during the evening, you should align with this! Switch over to lighter, more relaxing activities post sunset. Blue light blocking glasses and shifting your screen display to red/warm toned lights helps as well!

If you have a lot on your mind and you’re having trouble sleeping, try to write everything down with the mentality that you’ll handle it the next day in the morning. Your night time rest is purely for you.

“What I learned AFTER my sleep breakdown changed my life and the lives of countless people that I’ve had the honor of working with on their sleep. Now, I consistently wake up feeling rejuvenated with sustainable energy (and actual positive sleep stats to boot!), all of which leave me READY to take on my days.”- Mollie McGlocklin, sleep expert

About Mollie McGlocklin

Mollie McGlocklin is on a mission to change the conversation around sleep. "My road to recovery did not have to be so hard, lonely, shameful, and confusing. And now that I'm not only surviving but thriving with my sleep, I'm committed that others get to experience that feeling too. It doesn't have to be so hard. I am living proof that if a chronically sleep deprived night owl can transform their habits and sleep without pills...anyone can do it!" Sleep Is A Skill helps to optimize sleep through technology, accountability, and behavioral change.

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