How to Eliminate Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) from your Environment

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14 September, 2020
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How to Eliminate Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) from your Environment

What are you attracting?! Join Wana + Michael Geraci to learn more about electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and their impact on our health

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to what you do today.

Health and wellness have always been a core part of my life incorporating plant based nutrition, the environment, yoga, athletics, and thriving social circles. My yoga practice started 25 years ago and I became a teacher in 2015. A 20 year career in finance also provided me with the experience and business acumen to launch a product that I stand by personally and emotionally.

A pivotal experience that fueled my desire to understand disease and toxicity is when I became very sick after a volunteer trip to Kenya in 2017. My symptoms were primarily neurological due to reactions from the multitude of vaccines and antibiotics and a parasite. What I quickly learned is the cause and effect of illness and disease is much more complex than a linear relationship.

2. What are electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and who is susceptible to harm by them?

We live in a soup of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) resulting from massive technological growth and usage of wireless devices. The increased concentration of EMFs in our environment are causing a major disruption to our health. There exists an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that the EMF from wireless technologies increases the risk of cancer, infertility, insomnia, autism and depression.

The four specific types of EMFs that have been linked with adverse health effects are:

  1. Radio frequencies which include Wireless Routers, Bluetooth, Cellphones, AM/FM, TV, Satellites
  2. Magnetic Fields which include chargers for electronics, high voltage power lines, faulty house wiring
  3. Electric Fields which include household wiring, cords, chargers and
  4. Dirty Electricity which includes smart televisions, dimmer switches, fluorescent light bulbs.

Infants are especially susceptible to these harmful effects due to their rapid cell division during growth and the fact their bodies contain a much higher percentage of water than adults. Not only do human bodies run on electricity and magnetism, yet every cell in our bodies are equipped with antennas to "sense" the electromagnetic environment around us.

3. How do EMFs impact our health? What do we know and what are we still learning?

Our entire bodies run on electricity and our immune systems are being severely challenged and damaged. Every single cell in our bodies rely on electricity and magnetism, therefore it's kind of asinine to think the EMFs that don't cause our tissues to heat up do nothing to disrupt our health. Our brains use enough electricity to charge an Iphone 5 in 68 hours; our muscles contract using electricity, our heart's vitality is measured by ECGs (electrocardiograph); our skin acts as a battery to heal itself; our retinas run on electricity; and our bone's growth is stimulated by low-level electric shocks. The evidence is getting stronger. Not only does the human body run on electricity and magnetism, but it turns out that every cell in our bodies are antennas to "sense" the electromagnetic environment around us.

In a presentation given at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Medical School in January 2017, researcher Rony Seger, MD, PhD explained that humans have the same kind of cryptochrome proteins, in every single one of their cells, that other animals use to detect magnetism. This has been confirmed by many human experiments.

While Seger is still trying to pinpoint exactly what part of the human cells acts as an antenna to "detect" EMFs, he has demonstrated that Magnetic Fields as los as 1.5 milligauss (1.333 times lower than the current FCC safety limit) and RF fields as low as 4.34 V/m (14x lover than FCC) can activate specific pathways inside the human body.

For example, very low-level magnetic fields have been found to activate a pathway called "NADPH oxidase", which is considered a major cause of atherosclerosis, the hardening of the heart's arteries. EMFs can disrupt all of our biological processes and organs.

4. Top 3 tips for eliminating EMFs in your environment

Protecting ourselves from EMFs is essential and it will soon be a widely recognized course of action.

Rule #1 Eliminate the source. Turn off the Wifi function on your router at home and use a wired connection. Always turn off gadgets when not in use, especially at night.

Rule #2 Increase distance, decrease time. Increase the distance between the source and your body, and decrease the time of exposure as much as possible. Spend less time talking or using your cell phone and keep the phone at least 1 foot away from your body- using speakerphone or earbuds with an integrated microphone.

Rule #3 Shielding. If you can't eliminate the source (rule #1) and are already reducing your exposure by increasing distance and decreasing your time of use (rule #2), then we can talk about shielding- putting some kind of reflective or absorbent material between ourselves and the source in order to reduce the levels of EMF radiation we're exposed to.

5. Overall, what do you think most stands in the way of healing?

What I learned the hard way is that healing is a process of psychosomatic cause and effect and detoxification. When lousy Western medicine doctors say "it's in your head" they are actually right to some degree yet they don't know why. Our past experiences, personality, and beliefs play a major role in healing. Proper healing requires a confluence of activities and actions to come together synergistically.

The first step is a thorough and effective detoxification protocol. The depth of how to properly detoxify is tremendous and I can offer some basic initial steps. Eliminating and reducing exposure to toxins (besides EMFs) are crucial. A healthy gut microbiome is essential and to maintain an optimal immune system. The concept is to roll out the red carpet to enable our bodies to do the healing work. Foods rich in pro and prebiotics are a great step after a 24-72 hour (or longer) water fast (talk to a doctor before trying this). Spring water, biodynamic foods, infrared saunas, and supplementing glutathione are great first steps to healing.

The major piece of the puzzle that whiffs Western medicine when it comes to healing is how we manage our emotions. Since our emotions comprise all of our past experiences, it's paramount we examine our personalities and belief systems as related to the circumstances we face. A tremendous example of the mind/body relationship can be seen in the placebo effect. We tend to think the placebo effect is temporary yet this belief has long been misconstrued. We are an ongoing placebo; our thoughts, words and actions dictate how effectively we heal and react to our environment.

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