How to Detox with a Milk Cleanse

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10 August, 2020
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How to Detox with a Milk Cleanse

Ever heard of the Milk Cleanse? Join Wana + Jody Levy to learn how to detox and alleviate symptoms associated with biotoxic exposure.

1. How did you get into entrepreneurship around health?

My name is Jody Levy, I am a maker, entrepreneur, executive, and depending on the day a bunch of other things. I had quietly been suffering from symptoms associated with 'Lyme Disease, Mold Disease (CIRS), and a slew of related imbalances for over 20 years.

For years, I was committed to understanding why I was always exhausted, in pain, puffy, blurry, and foggy. After years of treatments, I questioned if I would ever arrive at an answer. A large part of me did not expect things to work, but I couldn’t give up. I traversed the globe and worked with the most exceptional doctors, scientists, researchers, practitioners, and healers who all played their part in my epic recovery. One of these physicians was Dr. Linda Lancaster who introduced me to The Milk Cleanse.

Now, I periodically do The Milk Cleanse for prevention, maintenance and general wellbeing. It makes me feel invincible. Through my journey, I have met so many people suffering and I knew they would not be able to see Dr. Linda Lancaster, so we partnered to make The Milk Cleanse accessible to anyone anywhere.

2. How does The Milk Cleanse work?

Milk Mono diets have been used for centuries to reset the body. Some might be familiar with an Ayurvedic parasite cleanse. The Milk Cleanse is similar. The milk attracts parasites into the gut and our proprietary supplements, taken every two hours, work to get rid of these unwanted microbiological organisms.

The Milk Cleanse consists of two phases:

Phase 1 is limited to drinking only full-fat animal milk (we recommend goat milk), water and coffee and taking our supplements for eight days. This is where the magic happens. It sounds daunting, but with the perfect balance of protein, fat and sugar people usually feel great on full-fat animal milk!

During phase 2 you return to simple, nutritious food, three meals a day, with our supplements for 14 days. Recommended meals include clean proteins, organic vegetables, healthy fats and simple grains.

3. What are the benefits of doing a Milk Cleanse, and who is the best candidate for it?

People who use The Milk Cleanse report increased energy, greater mental clarity, more focus, decreased joint pain, decreased fatigue, less brain fog as well as better digestion and assimilation. Many of our customers use The Milk Cleanse as an overall re-set for the body and gut, while others are focused on getting rid of parasites, candida and symptoms associated with Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses.

Over the last four decades, Dr. Linda Lancaster has discovered that it is the interplay of invisible forces such as chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, and opportunistic parasites—the “Five Culprits”—worms, fungus, bacteria, micro-parasites, and viruses, that are the cause of many of the health struggles we experience today. This fundamental dynamic is the origin of most of the symptoms she has seen, including chronic exhaustion, digestive distress, painful joints, infertility, eczema, and mysterious conditions like Lyme disease.

Dr. Linda Lancaster wrote a book called "Harmonic Healing Book"

Who would benefit? Essentially, anyone who is looking for a simple reset for their mind and body would benefit from The Milk Cleanse. Many people who avoid dairy make an exception to do The Milk Cleanse for the therapeutic properties.

Disclaimer Notice: Our statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

4. Top 3 tips for someone doing their first milk cleanse

  1. Go easy on yourself and enjoy your extra time! Set your Milk Cleanse days up so you can keep the time for yourself. Dance, play, write, read, hang out in your sauna, love your lover, spend as much time as possible in your bathtub. Use the time to reset and recharge as much as you can!
  2. Drink More Milk!! This is the answer to everything. You should never be hungry or feel malnourished. I find, especially if I am using my brain and body, I need LOTS of milk!! It really becomes all about your pooping.
  3. Get to use to thinking about, talking about, and scheduling your activities around your body. Especially for the first three days.

5. Having gone through your own health journey, what advice would you give to others going through it?

There is no miracle cure to being in balance. Wellness is a lifelong journey that ebbs and flows. We are impacted by the environments around us; the people, the places. So, we are constantly balancing our interaction in that flow! It is important to find the things that nourish all parts of you.

Be gentle on yourself, surround yourself with love, laugh as much as possible, move your body a lot, meditate and sculpt your mind, eat well, nourish your curiosity and know that if you feel uncomfortable things, you CAN get to a place where you feel better, you just need to reorganize and find your equilibrium. If I can do it, so can you.
-Jody Levy | Co-Founder The Milk Cleanse

About Jody Levy
Jody Levy is an entrepreneur, executive, artist and designer. Jody is the founder, CEO and partner in many mission-driven wellness brands and products including WTRMLN WTR, GEM&BOLT Mezcal, NeuroPraxis Digital App and more. Jody’s passion is creating meaningful companies and brands that do good in the world and help empower people to take care of themselves and each other. For decades, Jody was silently suffering from symptoms associated with Lyme Disease, Mold Disease (CIRS) and a slew of co-infections. She was propelled by a knowing that if she could get herself better, she would share everything that could help others heal. This determination has led to the creation of a series of products that allow people who struggle with invisible symptoms to alleviate their suffering and thrive including The Milk Cleanse.

The Milk Cleanse Jody-Levy

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